Contact Lens Fitting

Advances in contact lens technology have made them much healthier to wear. Newer silicone-hydrogel materials allow more oxygen through the lens, allowing your eyes to breathe. This reduces signs of corneal hypoxia. 1-DAY DISPOSABLE LENSES reduce eye infections as compared to reusable lenses.

New contact lens wearers first get a comprehensive eye exam. A discussion on suitability of contact lens ensues. Candidates then go through a training process where they are shown how to insert and remove lenses. Lenses are checked for excellent fit and vision. New wearers are sent home with sample contact lenses to test out in their normal daily routine. If satisfied, lenses can be purchased.

Whether you're looking for contact lenses for those special occasions, for everyday wear, or to add a little color to your eyes we have your lenses!

At Whitby Eye Care we teach those new to contact lenses how to insert and remove lenses

An Optometrist or Optician will then ensure an optimal lens fitting for maximal comfort and ocular health

You will be sent home with a set of FREE trial lenses. Once satisfied, the lenses can be purchased at our office